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Tarptauinės arbitražo ir mediacijos paslaugos

Tarptautinis arbitražo teismas ir mediacijos centras yra įsikūręs Lenkijoje. Kilus neaiškumams kreipkitės el. Paštu prezes@icamc.eu (lenkų / anglų kalba).
The ICAMC is a private international organization launched in 2010 by Prof. Robert Kasprzyk. The ICAMC’s bodies are the following ones:

-- The President / Chief Justice, who decides about the policy and the strategy of ICAMC’s activities;

-- a Secretariat headed by the Secretary General, in charge of the implementation of the activities;

-- an Advisory Board apointed by the President / Chief Justice, giving advice and recommendations.


The ICAMC is an organization dedicated:

a) to host arbitration and mediation proceedings as per the Rules hereunder described;

b) to act as legal advisor in important cases, at the request of clients;

c) to initiate international actions on behalf of, or in the interest of numerous claimants/victims in order to stop prejudice and/ or get compensation due to illicit practice and facts affecting natural, social, economic, political or health environment of people.


The ICAMC intends to provide speedy, fair, just, independent, neutral and focused services in the following areas:



The arbitrators of this Court will be distinguished international experts from different disciplines, with a free and total independent spirit, representing every continent in the world.


The ICAMC will also act as Advisor for a party in arbitral, as well as non-arbitral litigation and cases. The ICAMC will maintain a team of international advisors and lawyers, not only specialized in arbitration.

Lastly, the ICAMC intends to create a Forum of local and national arbitration centers or tribunals or law firms, with which the ICAMC can cooperate.

I. General Rules

“Party” can mean “parties”; “selected arbitrators”, “Arbitral Tribunal”; “arbitrators”, or “mediators” and vice versa. The Secretariat has for main tasks to expedite the formalities, to facilitate communication and to guarantee a fair, impartial and prompt proceeding as per internationally recognized rules. The ICAMC’s Secretariat notifies interim, partial or final award to the parties.

The ICAMC’s Secretariat :

-- receives communication from parties;

-- informs the parties concerned;

-- decides the number of arbitrators to be appointed (1 to 5 as per the nature of the case), should the Claimant ask for such a choice;

-- selects the ICAMC’s arbitrators as per the expertise needed;

-and acts as the clerical Secretariat of each arbitration proceeding.

In complicated cases (more than 3 arbitrators), each Party may appoint one arbitrator (also a non- member of the ICAMC’s arbitrators), acting as amicus curiae of the Arbitral Tribunal. This designated arbitrator will be bound by all rules and principles applying to the duties of arbitrators and he will be bound by the confidentiality of all discussions within the Arbitral Tribunal. Any proven breach of these rules by the designated arbitrator will result in dismissal of the party that appointed the arbitrator.

The Arbitral Tribunal can also dismiss an amicus curiae arbitrator in case of lack of professional and/or ethical behavior, without recourse.

The whole Arbitration process is confidential and measures are taken to protect trade secrets and confidential information.

Except as otherwise expressly agreed by the parties, the language of the contract is the language of arbitration. If no written agreement is signed, the Arbitral Tribunal decides the language of arbitration, taking into consideration the wishes of the parties and of the arbitrators.

The Arbitral Tribunal can decide on provisional or urgent measures only if parties have agreed on this competence, or if such measures can expedite or simplify the arbitration proceedings without causing legal prejudice to any party. All written documents (writ or evidence) produced by any of the parties during the proceeding shall be produced in a number of copies equal to the number of parties plus the number of arbitrators plus two additional copies for the ICAMC. The ICAMC’s Secretariat decides about the means of communication (registered post, courier, fax or electronic communication). Any notification is made to the address of the parties or of their representatives, if any.

The ICAMC’s Secretariat decides about the delay granted to the parties for submitting their pleas, as per the nature, importance and complexity of the case. The place of arbitration is in principle at the ICAMC’s offices. However, the Arbitral Tribunal can decide otherwise.

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